CR Windows Social Media Management

The Objective

CR Windows wanted to increase their presence on social media, establish a brand tone, build their followers and use their channels to generate customer enquiries. 

The Campaign

We managed their social media accounts, including writing and designing on-page content, running social PPC adverts and responding to customer enquiries.

CR Windows is a well established company, with a fantastic history. We wanted to capture the people behind the brand to show their authenticity and celebrate their contribution to the local community. 

We first established a content strategy for their social media channels, then carried out a content shoot where we captured authentic content (images and videos) of CR’s team to use across their social media channels. 

We ran social media adverts to increase their brand awareness and generate leads.

The Result

Between December 2019 to November 2020, CR Windows received an average of 9 customer enquiries per month, generated through social media adverts.

Their engagement rate across their social media channels increased by 203%. 

They gained 816 more followers across their social media channels. 

And received a 607% increase in web traffic through social media. 

(Stats compared to previous period)

Client Quote

“Ever since starting this business partnership with Bright Sprout, we have successfully received a large number of qualified leads/enquiries from our social media adverts. This is potentially a new customer audience that we may have not had access to in the past.

Our social media presence is now second to none, we have as a business just gone from strength to strength and the feedback from our customers and staff has been very impressive and this is all down to Kath and her hard work and willingness to work with us and not just for us. I have no doubt that Kath will become a huge success story and we are just very pleased that we have started this journey with her at the very start.

Digital Media is here to stay and will become the mainstay of advertising for the future and I am very pleased and proud to say that we have, in our opinion, the correct expert, colleague and business partner with Kath Embling to take us where we want to go with our business.”
Mark Brown, Managing Director at CR Windows.