Spring clean your social media

Spring Clean Your Social Media: How To Tidy Up Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts For Better Results.

Give your social media accounts the spring clean they deserve to get the best results for your business

Spring is upon us and there’s no better time to have a spruce up! Spring cleaning isn’t just important for your home however, it can be useful for your business too.

How to tidy up your social media accounts


Remove the deadwood – begin by deleting any outdated media including old logos. Make sure that your profile image and cover photo are up to date and the correct size. The recommended dimensions for your profile image are 170 x 170 pixels and 851 x 315 pixels for your cover photo. Your cover photo is the largest visual on your profile page and should therefore be eye-catching and represent the personality of your brand; you could use a professional photo of your store, a product, or your staff for example. Your company logo is ideal as your profile picture as this is the accompanying icon that customers will see every time you post. 

Update your Intro – the Intro section on Facebook is where you can briefly describe what you do. You are limited to 100 characters so it’s important to include key information here and add in an industry keyword if possible. It’s also where your main details are displayed including contact info, website URL, business type and a link to your Instagram account. Make sure all information is up to date and accurate.

Respond to your customers – now is a great time to run through any comments/reviews/messages and respond to your customers. This reveals a human side to your business, shows you to be credible and professional and encourages engagement. This will take you forever though, right? Wrong my friend! Use Meta’s free Business Suite to easily find all interaction on your page (and your Instagram account). See our blog on using Meta Business Suite.


Update your profile – ensure that your bio accurately describes what you do and includes a clear call to action directing your customers to your website. It is also beneficial to add an industry keyword to your title, this further clarifies what you’re about and encourages the right follows.

Organise your highlights – having organised highlights allows your followers to find the right content easily. We recommend 3 – 7 highlights, for example “Reviews”, “Products” and “Services”. Make sure these are updated regularly to keep customer reviews fresh and showcase your latest products and services.

Add pinned posts – Instagram now allows you to pin three posts to the top of your grid. We advise pinning one post about your company, one showing what you offer your customers, and one of your best performing posts. This gives new followers a good insight into what you’re all about without having to scroll through your grid.

Change up your content – before posting, ask yourself if your content is educating, entertaining or inspiring your audience. If not, you want to think about how you can make your posts attractive to your audience. Play with a mix of single posts, carousels and Reels to find what encourages the most engagement.


Be organised – set up a content calendar for moving forward, researching into upcoming key awareness days and holidays, and planning quarterly themes. This can then be used as a basis to shape your individual campaigns.

Be relevant – it sounds obvious, but make sure that you are posting content which is relevant to your audience. You want posts that your followers can relate to or engage with in some way. If you need some inspiration, take a peek at your competitors to see what works well (and what doesn’t!).

Be consistent – check your branding across your social media platforms for consistency. Try to keep the same profile pictures, cover images, bios and URL links.

And there we have it! Follow these simple steps for 5* Facebook and Instagram accounts that do your business justice.

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